Announcement - Jurists Abroad Meet For the 8th Times in Turkey

Bangkok Büyükelçiliği 25.03.2016

Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB), working intensively to deal with the problems of the citizens abroad, is hosting a seminar which brings together the jurists abroad for the 8th time. Jurists who are interested in attending the meeting need to apply for it until 30th March 2016.

YTB is making a great contribution to career developments of the citizens abroad and since its foundations, YTB has been struggling with legal problems confronted abroad. With this aim, YTB is hosting a seminar between 20-24 April 2016 which will bring together 30 Turkish jurists around a table for the 8th times.

Training on basic law

YTB, intending to enhance the jurists’ knowledge and experinces, will organize a 3-day training on basic law. “Jurists Abroad Meeting” is expected to be attended by the jurists abroad who are already graduates, having Master’s degree or j.d. students. The training will be in Turkish and the attendants will have presentations about divorce and its international effects, the international dimension of social security law, xenophobia and fighting against discrimination. The attendants will have the chance to meet with leading experts and also will have time to visit eminent public institutions.

Details about the program

Those who are willing to attend the seminar are needed to submit their applications online until 30 March 2016, they will be informed right away via e-mail about the participation on 1st April 2016.

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For online application: baş


Monday - Friday

09.00 - 12:30

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